International patients

If you are a foreign patient not covered by French health insurance, an estimate can be drawn up for each intervention.

Interventions :

  • carotid surgery
  • legs surgery for arterial diseases (bypass, angioplasty…)
  • aneurysm surgery ( open surgery, per cutaneous endovascular repair)
  • surgery of varicose veins (radiofrequency, laser, surgery)

The approximate amount depends on the pathology treated and your risk factors.

A rough estimate will be returned after review of your file.

A payment of 200 euros is required for any file study. The price is deducted from the amount of your intervention if it takes place.

Make the payment on the payment page ( fill 200 euros in the PayPal form)

Once your PayPal payment has been made Dr G SEBAN will contact you to discuss your pathology.